Have you ever experienced the gut-wrenching moment when your phone slips from your hand and the screen shatters into pieces? Or perhaps your phone’s display suddenly develops unsightly dead pixels, making it frustrating to use. 

There are various types of phone damage, and so are the repairs. The common damages are screen repairs including fixing broken glass caused by accidental drops, addressing dead pixels that disrupt the display, tackling backlight leakage leading to uneven brightness, resolving unresponsive touch/digitizers, and dealing with pressure spots causing distortion or discolouration. 

Understanding Different Types of Phone Screen Repairs

As a trusted phone repair store understands the importance of providing comprehensive solutions for various screen issues. In this definitive guide, we’ll walk you through the different phone screen repair types.

Broken Glass: The Dreaded Shattered Screen

A shattered phone screen is a common issue faced by smartphone users. In fact, this is the issue that almost every one of us has faced at least once in our lifetime, and this is the phone damage that almost everyone knows about. 

Dropping the phone or accidentally applying excessive pressure can lead to cracks and broken glass. The experts of phone repair in Santa Barbara explain that this not only compromises the phone’s aesthetics but also hinders touch functionality. To fix this issue, skilled technicians at Gadget Fix carefully replace the broken screen with a high-quality replacement, ensuring a seamless and crystal-clear display.

Dead Pixels on Phone: Flickers of Frustration

Dead pixels are tiny, non-functional spots on the phone’s display that can be frustrating to encounter. These dark or bright spots are often visible against a contrasting background, disrupting your viewing experience. They range from small white dots or large black dots. At Gadget Fix, our expert technicians employ specialized techniques to identify and address dead pixels, providing a flawless and pixel-perfect display.

Backlight Leakage Problem: Illuminating the Issue

Backlight leakage occurs when light bleeds from the edges of the phone’s display, causing uneven brightness and affecting color accuracy. This issue is more noticeable in darker environments. At our phone repair store in Santa Barbara, professionals skillfully tackle backlight leakage, ensuring even illumination across the screen for a visually appealing display.

Touch/Digitizer Unresponsive: A Touchy Subject

When the phone’s touch screen becomes unresponsive or experiences erratic behaviour, it can be immensely frustrating. This issue may result from physical damage to the touch/digitizer, software glitches, or hardware malfunctions. Our technicians conduct a thorough diagnosis to pinpoint the cause and offer tailored solutions to restore smooth and responsive touch functionality.

Pressure Spot: Under the Thumb of Distortion

The very last type of screen repair is the pressure spot. Something that is very trivial for many users, but it depends on the severity of the damage. A pressure spot occurs when a specific area on the screen shows distortion or discolouration, usually caused by pressure exerted on the display. This issue can make it challenging to read or navigate the device. Our skilled team addresses pressure spots with precision, ensuring an evenly responsive and clear display.

In short, Whether you’re facing a cracked screen or any other screen-related problem, Gadget Fix is here to help you restore your phone’s functionality and appearance. Our technicians are experts in handling all kinds of screen-related issues. Not only this, but we make use of high-quality, original replacement parts to ensure your phone gets back to its original condition after the repair service. We also offer Mail-in repair services for your convenience.


When it comes to phone screen repair, Gadget Fix is your go-to destination in Santa Barbara. From shattered screens to dead pixels, backlight leakage problems, unresponsive touch/digitizers, and pressure spots, our comprehensive solutions cover all common screen issues.

Our skilled technicians employ cutting-edge techniques and high-quality replacements to restore your phone’s functionality and appearance. Trust our phone repair store to handle your phone screen repair needs with expertise and precision, providing you with a seamless and satisfying phone experience.

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