Dropping your phone and seeing a cracked or shattered screen is a dreaded moment for any phone owner. Repairing phone screens can be costly, and the expense varies based on the type of phone screen damage you’ve encountered.

Although you will face inconvenience no matter which screen you break, breaking the LCD is more costly compared to breaking just the front screen. We understand the confusion you may be facing surrounding these issues. Therefore we have demystified the distinctions between a broken screen and a broken LCD in this article. 

The experts at the phone repair stores explained that the difference between a broken screen and a broken LCD lies in their nature and impact on the phone. A broken screen refers to visible damage on the exterior glass, while a broken LCD involves internal damage to the display panel. A shattered screen compromises appearance, while a broken LCD affects the screen’s functionality, demanding professional repairs for both issues.

By understanding the underlying problems and the intricacies of phone repairs, you can make informed decisions when seeking professional assistance. So let’s explore the nuances of broken screens and broken LCDs and uncover the best solutions for restoring your device’s functionality.

Broken Screen vs. Broken LCD: Understanding the Basics

A broken screen refers to visible damage on the phone’s exterior glass. Cracks, chips, and shattered glass are typical signs of a broken screen. On the other hand, a broken LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) refers to internal damage to the display panel. Common signs include a blank or unresponsive screen, distorted colors, or lines across the display. Understanding the distinction between these issues is essential for appropriate phone repairs.

Broken Screen Causes and Impact

A broken screen can result from accidental drops, impacts, or pressure on the phone’s exterior. The impact often shatters the glass, leaving it inoperable and prone to further damage. While a broken screen is a visible issue, it can also compromise the phone’s functionality and leave it vulnerable to dust, moisture, and internal damage.

Broken LCD Causes and Impact

A broken LCD usually results from severe impacts or pressure on the phone’s internal display panel. This internal damage affects the liquid crystals responsible for displaying images and can lead to distorted visuals, black spots, or complete screen failure. A broken LCD often requires professional intervention, as it involves delicate internal components.

DIY vs. Professional Repairs

For a broken screen, DIY repairs like applying screen protectors or adhesive may provide temporary solutions. However, professional repairs are recommended to ensure precise alignment and maintain the phone’s integrity. In contrast, broken LCDs demand professional expertise due to their complex internal components. Attempting DIY repairs on an LCD can lead to further damage and render the device irreparable.

Expert Phone Repairs at Gadget Fix

At Gadget Fix, we are equipped to handle both broken screens and broken LCDs with finesse. Our experienced technicians assess the extent of the damage and provide tailored solutions for each issue. For broken screens, we offer quality replacements with genuine parts to restore the phone’s appearance and functionality. In the case of broken LCDs, our expert technicians carefully disassemble the phone, replace the damaged display panel, and recalibrate the screen to ensure optimal performance. Our commitment to using high-quality components and precision repairs ensures that your device is in capable hands.

Preventative Measures and Post-Repair Care

To prevent screen damage, invest in a protective case and a tempered glass screen protector. Additionally, avoid using the phone in hazardous environments and handle it with care.

After repairs, follow Gadget Fix’s post-repair care guidelines to maintain your device’s longevity and functionality.


Understanding the difference between a broken screen and a broken LCD is crucial when seeking phone repairs. At Gadget Fix, the trusted phone repair store in Santa Barbara, we offer expert solutions for both issues. Whether it’s a shattered screen or a broken LCD, our skilled technicians provide tailored repairs using high-quality components. 

Embrace preventative measures and entrust your device to our experts for exceptional phone repairs and top-notch service in Santa Barbara. If you would like to book an appointment with us, you may contact us or visit our website for more information.